With a bulit-in biomedical sensing technology and our exclusive detection algorithms, ViPCare SmartBand constantly checks your fatigue ,stress level and keeps track of daily activity. what’s more, VipCare SmartBand work with ViPcare app let you not only synchronize all-day activities also get instant statistics. We work closely with biomedical professional to provide Cloud-based Health Services (C.H.S.) Our ViPCare C.H.S. service will analyze the data that are measured and collected from wearable device and return evaluated results and display in the app. Moreover, when new update is released and users can use their smart band to experience new feature without buying a new one.



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    Founder's words

    The story of our company begins with a group of three from the different professional fields; yet we share the same passion on turning the creative ideas into really great things. We do hope these smart gadgets not only look cool but can actually help people in everyday life. Therefore,all we really want to do is to use technology and imagination to achieve a successful life. I believe that every customer participate in Gadgle’s story that will be fill with many beautiful life experiences with those we love.


    Our Story

    Enormous increase in the use of smartphones and other mobile devices was influencing people lifestyle in many ways. For example, it is often people use smartphones for social communication and managing daily life. People apparently enjoy using smartphones connecting to the world; on the other hand, they spend much time to have their heads down. However, we believe the technology could do the better job. Our team is dedicated to create innovative gadgets and design the product with future in mind. We firmly believe that consumer electronics products not only make everyday life easier, but also help people to sense surround environment. That’s why we work so hard for bringing you creative gadgets into the life.

    Gadgle meaning

    Our idea is simply crating brilliant gadgets that make smartphones smarter. That is, the smart dongle gadget,

    “Gadgle” = Gadget + Dongle.

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    1727, Taiwan Boulevard, Section 4, Xitun District, Taichung City Mailbox No. 77 (Tunghai University Innovation Incubation Center)

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